Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Change AppStore country

As we all know @HackiPhone has an Apple AppStore Application #Giveaway everyday.

Just because HackiPhone is from United States of America(U.S.A.), his apple id is of USA iTunes Store.
So all the application winners either have to be from USA or have a U.S. iTunes Store.

Thanks to a friend @jamierede , we have a tutorial to change country of your iTunes Account in order to enjoy apps gifted by HackiPhone in AppGiveaways & Open-House AppGiveaways (in which random app codes are tweeted).

These are the steps to change which country AppStore you use

Step One:
Open the AppStore (ensure you are in the Featured tab) and scroll down until you are your Apple ID, tab it and then tap View Apple ID.

Step Two:
Tap Country/Region & from there select the store you want. Then either SKIP the add paymentmethod or add a credit/debit that is registered in said country you select.