Thursday, 8 November 2012

Pixar baptizes the main building of the campus by the name of Steve Jobs

The Steve Jobs Building . This is how Pixar have decided to call in the largest building on campus have to honor Steve Jobs , Apple co-founder and one of the leaders of that Pixar is the company that is now. There is a simple tribute: the design of the building was also under evaluation and reviews of Steve, who said that the resort had to be centered around a large atrium to facilitate collaboration among staff.
Jobs was one of those who financed Pixar in its early days before the premiere of the movie Toy Storybecame the losses into profits. Also was its CEO temporarily in 2004 and even with a salary of one dollar a week was able to amass four billion dollars thanks to the actions of Disney and Pixar purchase by the legendary studio in 2006.


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