Monday, 5 November 2012

iPhone 5 dock by Belkin

The new connector Lightning and technical characteristics is not yet causing little accessories ... rectified, there is no accessory beyond cable adapters that Apple sells. And one of the most at fault throw some users is a dock for the iPhone 5 . Belkin knows it and seize the moment.
Belkin has introduced a base for the iPhone 5 with which we can charge and sync our device. But beware, there is a small detail that we know, we have to use the power of Apple Lightning. So, this is a medium that itself includes an auxiliary audio connection.
The base has a price of $ 29. And the design is not ugly. At least until we see a solution that already include accessories such connection. While looking for a base to keep and place your new iPhone can know where to start.

They have also launched a cable to charge the iPhone 5 through the cigarette lighter . Its price is also $ 29 but if you have a car charger with free USB brings you more like buying a second cable has Lightning for 19 euros.


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