Monday, 5 November 2012

Hides any application without Jailbreak iOS

A few weeks ago our colleague Peter showed us one of the best tricks I've seen for iOS, an application that can hide the icon of "Kiosk" our iOS devices (I personally find this feature nonsense) to have more space for other applications or simply because they do not give any use that feature of the system.
Now comes an even better idea than that, is the ability to hide any system applications (those included standard with iOS) singly from Passbook. To do this follow these steps:
  • Add this card to Passbook ( Click here from your iPhone using Safari )
  • Once added pressed the button information at the bottom of the card.
  • Browse through the list until you find the application you want to hide (they are listed all of the system)
  • Click on the link that accompanies the name of each application .
  • Install the application and once you show an error message click the option "OK".
  • Now you hold the icon for that application and eliminate it as if it were any other application.
The instructions can be somewhat confusing, but in the video that accompanies this post you can see all the steps explained simply. Also remember that each time you restart your computer again applications and more importantly, this is simply a bug in the system so that once Apple corrects it will stop working.


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