Thursday, 8 November 2012

Five questions and answers on Fusion Technology Drive

If we ignore the design of the new iMac, the technology introduced in the last painting more interesting keynote Fusion Drive is an evolution of what we mean by hybrid disk write speed and meets high capacity storage with a low cost.
But technology always arouses much interest as well, but unfortunately Apple explanations are rather brief. Luckily the company has published a small paper with questions and answers related to the technology. Here the most interesting points of the document.

Fusion Drive in the software is the key

  • Do I need to configure Fusion Drive? When you order an iMac or Mac mini with Fusion Drive, and comes preconfigured.
  • Can I add external hard drives USB , FireWire or Thunderbolt to Fusion Drive? Unable to add external drives to Fusion Drive.
  • I can add? Hard disk partition with Fusion Drive? Using Disk Utility can add a hard disk partition in Fusion Drive. After adding the partition, the "+" in Disk Utility that allows you to add additional partitions will turn gray. You can not partition the flash storage.
  • If I create a disk partition hard, you will be part of Fusion Drive? additional partitioning is not part of Fusion Drive. The new partition is a separate volume physically located on the hard drive.
  • Can add a Windows partition? can create an additional partition on the hard disk with Fusion Drive. You can either create a partition Mac OS X or a Windows partition.

Very interesting points and allow us to get a clearer idea of ​​the technology and how it really works, here are some interesting conclusions considering the said premises.
  • The technology is based on hardware, if not in software, and in the absence of official confirmation seems that there are many impediments to two disks can act in such manner.
  • The "magic" puts OS X 10.8.2 and a new management system capable of using this specific discs.
  • The latest version of OS X includes a special version of Disk Utility and is the only one able to read the configuration of Fusion Drive. In the same way the device can not be used in Target mode with any team that makes use of a later version 10.8.2 and can not be started (albeit to repair) for an earlier version of the system .
  • The disk SSD is "closed", that means that the system does not allow us to make any changes to it nor have any control over it.
  • Although there is no limitation when you partition to install Windows or OS X other facilities, these facilities operate only in the HDD and therefore will not be able to use the extra speed offered by this technology.
Very interesting all points and we discover, or affirm, that Fusion Drive is based solely on software so only Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.2 is able to make use of these advantages.