Monday, 5 November 2012

Apple sold three million iPads in three days

News how are you and the truth is not as flashy as before in the Apple world. Yes, it is true that figures remain brutal but being accustomed to them so we would not be surprised were sold in this way .
But back to the main thing. Apple has sold three million iPads (iPad iPad Mini and fourth generation) in three days. A figure that doubles the data from the previous release, the new iPad (3rd generation). It is curious as Apple does not break down the figures as it does on other occasions. Now provides altogether.
This could be because one of the two models has not had the expected sales by the iPad? Apostáis fourth generation? I do. The new fourth generation iPad despite its processor and lightning connector is not as attractive for whom already have iPad, even as the iPad 2. In addition, the iPad and its 7.9-inch mini itself that attract attention.
It is therefore logical that the iPad mini is dazzling to all users who try it. We will see in future keynotes or news releases if taken for separate sales. But especially as the iPad mini to affect iPad sales .


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