Thursday, 8 November 2012

Pixar baptizes the main building of the campus by the name of Steve Jobs

The Steve Jobs Building . This is how Pixar have decided to call in the largest building on campus have to honor Steve Jobs , Apple co-founder and one of the leaders of that Pixar is the company that is now. There is a simple tribute: the design of the building was also under evaluation and reviews of Steve, who said that the resort had to be centered around a large atrium to facilitate collaboration among staff.
Jobs was one of those who financed Pixar in its early days before the premiere of the movie Toy Storybecame the losses into profits. Also was its CEO temporarily in 2004 and even with a salary of one dollar a week was able to amass four billion dollars thanks to the actions of Disney and Pixar purchase by the legendary studio in 2006.

Five questions and answers on Fusion Technology Drive

If we ignore the design of the new iMac, the technology introduced in the last painting more interesting keynote Fusion Drive is an evolution of what we mean by hybrid disk write speed and meets high capacity storage with a low cost.
But technology always arouses much interest as well, but unfortunately Apple explanations are rather brief. Luckily the company has published a small paper with questions and answers related to the technology. Here the most interesting points of the document.

Fusion Drive in the software is the key

  • Do I need to configure Fusion Drive? When you order an iMac or Mac mini with Fusion Drive, and comes preconfigured.
  • Can I add external hard drives USB , FireWire or Thunderbolt to Fusion Drive? Unable to add external drives to Fusion Drive.
  • I can add? Hard disk partition with Fusion Drive? Using Disk Utility can add a hard disk partition in Fusion Drive. After adding the partition, the "+" in Disk Utility that allows you to add additional partitions will turn gray. You can not partition the flash storage.
  • If I create a disk partition hard, you will be part of Fusion Drive? additional partitioning is not part of Fusion Drive. The new partition is a separate volume physically located on the hard drive.
  • Can add a Windows partition? can create an additional partition on the hard disk with Fusion Drive. You can either create a partition Mac OS X or a Windows partition.

Very interesting points and allow us to get a clearer idea of ​​the technology and how it really works, here are some interesting conclusions considering the said premises.
  • The technology is based on hardware, if not in software, and in the absence of official confirmation seems that there are many impediments to two disks can act in such manner.
  • The "magic" puts OS X 10.8.2 and a new management system capable of using this specific discs.
  • The latest version of OS X includes a special version of Disk Utility and is the only one able to read the configuration of Fusion Drive. In the same way the device can not be used in Target mode with any team that makes use of a later version 10.8.2 and can not be started (albeit to repair) for an earlier version of the system .
  • The disk SSD is "closed", that means that the system does not allow us to make any changes to it nor have any control over it.
  • Although there is no limitation when you partition to install Windows or OS X other facilities, these facilities operate only in the HDD and therefore will not be able to use the extra speed offered by this technology.
Very interesting all points and we discover, or affirm, that Fusion Drive is based solely on software so only Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.2 is able to make use of these advantages.

Monday, 5 November 2012

DMCA rules it's okay to jailbreak your iPhone, but not your iPad

The DMCA Have Concluded That Jailbreaking Smartphones Is Legal, But Jailbreaking Tablets And Unlocking Smartphones Is Not.

The Digital Millennium Copyright was introduced to essentially make it illegal for people to bypass digital rights management schemes. After passing the DMCA in 1998 however, Congress gave the Librarian of Congress the power to grant certain exemptions, which will be in force for three years. 

Jailbreaking, as well as unlocking smartphones has been on the list of these exemptions since 2010, but this year both exemptions expire and as such the DMCA revisited the topic. 
DMCA final decision:
The new batch of exemptions illustrate the fundamentally arbitrary nature of the DMCA’s exemption process. For the next three years, you’ll be allowed to jailbreak smartphones but not tablet computers. You’ll be able to unlock phones purchased before January 2013 but not phones purchased after that.
The DMCA has decided that Jailbreaking smartphones will remain legal, but as for tablets, this is a different story. The Librarian “found significant merit to the opposition’s concerns that this aspect of the proposed class was broad and ill-defined, as a wide range of devices might be considered ‘tablets,’ notwithstanding the significant distinctions among them in terms of the way they operate, their intended purposes, and the nature of the applications they can accommodate. For example, an e-book reading device might be considered a ‘tablet,’ as might a handheld video game device or a laptop computer .” So, essentially the DMCA could not make Jailbreaking tablets legal because the definition of a tablet was too broad.
As for unlocking, you indeed read right. The DMCA has reverted on its previous stance of permitting users to unlock their phones to take them to a new carrier (examples of this include using software like UltraSn0w to unlock an iPhone and then taking it to another carrier). This exemption will mean phones purchases after January 2013 can only be legally unlocked with the carrier’s permission. A phone that you are currently in possession of, or a phone you purchase between now and next January, can be still legally unlocked.
The reason why the DMCA reverted on its stance of unlocking is because of two key factors. The first has to do with a 2010 ruling that states when you purchase software, you don’t actually own it. Rather, you merely license it according to the terms of the End User Licence Agreement. The second is because there are more unlocked phones on the market than there ever has been, and most wireless carriers have liberal policies for unlocking their handsets.

MuscleNerd tweeted the bad news earlier and it was obvious he was disappointed by the DMCA’s rulings. There is absolutely no logical reason why Jailbreaking an iPhone should be legal, but Jailbreaking an iPad should not be. One must understand though that just because unlocking smartphones and Jailbreaking tablets did not become an exemption, it does not necessarily mean it is illegal. It just means that it is not protected.

The iOS 6.1 version will allow Siri buy movie tickets, only in the U.S.

The new version of iOS 6.1 introduced an innovation that affects Sir, the voice assistant Apple. As developers have noted that you have access to the beta, now Siri is able to buy movie tickets through Fandango .
When you ask Siri will appear on a movie information and an option through which you can access on Fandango and so buying tickets. If the application does not have Fandango Siri will allow us to download from the App Store.
All of the new service time will be exclusively in the United States . Maybe, hopefully, do not delay to get alternative options and compatible with Siri in other countries. Anyway it is not a vital feature.
The truth is that Siri voice assistant and online shopping services combined with Passbook can be more interesting than the short term. Anyway patience, that before these developments are other major issues resolved.

Hides any application without Jailbreak iOS

A few weeks ago our colleague Peter showed us one of the best tricks I've seen for iOS, an application that can hide the icon of "Kiosk" our iOS devices (I personally find this feature nonsense) to have more space for other applications or simply because they do not give any use that feature of the system.
Now comes an even better idea than that, is the ability to hide any system applications (those included standard with iOS) singly from Passbook. To do this follow these steps:
  • Add this card to Passbook ( Click here from your iPhone using Safari )
  • Once added pressed the button information at the bottom of the card.
  • Browse through the list until you find the application you want to hide (they are listed all of the system)
  • Click on the link that accompanies the name of each application .
  • Install the application and once you show an error message click the option "OK".
  • Now you hold the icon for that application and eliminate it as if it were any other application.
The instructions can be somewhat confusing, but in the video that accompanies this post you can see all the steps explained simply. Also remember that each time you restart your computer again applications and more importantly, this is simply a bug in the system so that once Apple corrects it will stop working.

Apple sold three million iPads in three days

News how are you and the truth is not as flashy as before in the Apple world. Yes, it is true that figures remain brutal but being accustomed to them so we would not be surprised were sold in this way .
But back to the main thing. Apple has sold three million iPads (iPad iPad Mini and fourth generation) in three days. A figure that doubles the data from the previous release, the new iPad (3rd generation). It is curious as Apple does not break down the figures as it does on other occasions. Now provides altogether.
This could be because one of the two models has not had the expected sales by the iPad? Apostáis fourth generation? I do. The new fourth generation iPad despite its processor and lightning connector is not as attractive for whom already have iPad, even as the iPad 2. In addition, the iPad and its 7.9-inch mini itself that attract attention.
It is therefore logical that the iPad mini is dazzling to all users who try it. We will see in future keynotes or news releases if taken for separate sales. But especially as the iPad mini to affect iPad sales .

iPhone 5 dock by Belkin

The new connector Lightning and technical characteristics is not yet causing little accessories ... rectified, there is no accessory beyond cable adapters that Apple sells. And one of the most at fault throw some users is a dock for the iPhone 5 . Belkin knows it and seize the moment.
Belkin has introduced a base for the iPhone 5 with which we can charge and sync our device. But beware, there is a small detail that we know, we have to use the power of Apple Lightning. So, this is a medium that itself includes an auxiliary audio connection.
The base has a price of $ 29. And the design is not ugly. At least until we see a solution that already include accessories such connection. While looking for a base to keep and place your new iPhone can know where to start.

They have also launched a cable to charge the iPhone 5 through the cigarette lighter . Its price is also $ 29 but if you have a car charger with free USB brings you more like buying a second cable has Lightning for 19 euros.