Sunday, 14 October 2012

Three alternatives to the official Twitter client for the iPad

Twitter has been from the moment of his birth a social network that has failed to implement good clients for different platforms that exist in the market. The company's solution was as simple as buying Tweetie for both iOS and OS X and then rename it and over time add support to new network features.
The iPad has been the turning point, the application was improved, but from the moment he was born with a good idea and a performance from my point of view perfect for a tablet with the management side tabs. Unfortunately Twitter has decided to make a fresh start to offer an application that is simply a larger version with slight changes iOS client.
In my case the new version I found a real horror so I decided to stop using the application. If it's your case, here are three alternatives much more interesting:
§  Twitterific . We could say that it is virtually the origin or reason for why many of us started using Twitter for over five years. Most curious of this client is the unification of posts and tweets under a single timeline which differ in the types of messages received based on color. The application is up to date on device support, although not part of anything new in a while.
§  Tweetboot . Once past the fashion Twitterrific, Tweetie and blight by Twitter, the solution was this wonderful Twitter client that began its journey in the iPhone. Although its iPhone version is perfectfor the iPad version does not have a design to match , but the functions are the same and the overall application works perfect. The biggest drawback is that the application is not universal and it is relatively expensive, 2.39 euros.
§  Tweetglass . Is new to the iPad right now, most curious of this new customer is the ability to navigate differently by our timeline. The first innovation is the way to show conversations in a very visual, the second is to "time travel" with the use of a slider, the third is a respectful way to navigate through the images published in our contact as if a photo album concerned (I loved this feature).The application also has a set price of 0.79 euros.


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