Saturday, 20 October 2012

The remote for the Xbox 360, the best option for your games on Mac

The Mac platform has never been known in the world of gamers, the lack of variety compared to the offer of the Windows world has always been there. The number of users running Mac increases every day and this causes have more choice in variety within the world of video games . The last we knew yesterday, which would play a section in his famous Mac store .
Now what many want is a gamepad compatible. In stores we can find some models from manufacturers like Logitech but there is a recommended option. Indeed, for me the best choice to play on Mac is to use the Xbox 360 controller.
To operate the remote the first thing to do is to download the necessary driver . A driver that you can download for free from Tattiebogle . When we assemble the image. Dmg and install. Now, when connecting a remote Xbox 360 can go to our Mac System Preferences pane and see, within the new preference installed, Xbox 360 Controllers, as given device.

Usually, there is nothing else to do. now every game we execute and allow their control with a gamepad can play comfortably and with one of the best gamepad the moment , for many and for me too, the better. One last note, this is for Xbox 360 controls wired USB . If we connect the wireless model will have to have the adapter, sold both separately and together with the version of the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows.


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