Saturday, 20 October 2012

The iPhone dominates the smartphone web traffic, a fact that is not surprising

The iPhone and iPad have long leading web traffic statistics from mobile devices. Since 2009 operating systems iOS and Android is split 75% of mobile web traffic , a fact that probably already has increased.Chitika published new results in which the iPhone has 43% of the web traffic carried by the smartphone in the U.S. and Canada .
As we see in the graph, the iPhone 5 is 3%, followed by the Samsung Galaxy SIII with 2%, other models of iPhone or Samsung take the 43% and 15% respectively and the remaining 37% end for other manufacturers. Of course, it should be noted the data are taken from the United States and Canada.Something that could change at various points if we do globally. And is that Samsung, for example, that Apple is stronger in some countries.
Anyway, the truth is that not surprising that Apple devices you maintain such high figures and the first position in most places, like the iPad in October last year generated the 97.3% of web traffic from tablet . . And not because other options are not connected to the internet but it seems the iOS user gives more use the web browser while a percentage of users of Android, RIM or Windows Phone now make more use of e-mail and instant messaging only.
As always are statistics that give us information but we must interpret them and give them a fair importance, nothing less . What I do is I have no interest in seeing how the situation will be in six months when Microsoft set up its products, especially for the moment seems Surface generated much interest . Although data are certainly know through our fellow Engadget Windows .


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