Saturday, 20 October 2012

Samsung did not try to copy the design of the iPad

More or less is the phrase that Apple will have to publish because of the judgment that Judge Colin Birss ruled . A trial in the UK and this time does not end favorably for the Cupertino company. As it did in the one held in the United States and for which Samsung was convicted of some of the demands imposed. Having to pay an astronomical amount, 1.052 billion dollars in damages.
Now it seems that Apple will not have to make any financial payment but will have to clarify ads where consumers and users that Samsung did not try to copy the design of the iPad . Anyway, the most interesting is a detail of how it should be done. According to the judge's instructions, the text should use the Arial typeface and type size not less than 14 points.
Considering how the image looks and uses typefaces think it's curious decision by the judge. Since then we had given them the lace if the message had to post in Comic Sans . Do not you think?Thanks to all who have sent us information about the case.


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