Monday, 15 October 2012

First docks and cables with third Lightning for iPhone 5

Apple may have decided to break the tradition of offering a dock accessory for the iPhone 5 following the presentation of new connector Lightning but of course, it has only to encourage other companies to offer their own solutions ... and that despite to Cupertino people are not putting it easier for manufacturers who want to take the tiny connector.

Lightning connector cables have a chip authentication so that only licensed manufacturers can produce, and Apple is showing very cautious about granting these licenses, requiring personally inspect the factories to ensure certain quality standards.

Companies like TLD have avoided the problem by offering the Lightning Cable Connector to USB Apple official with his stylish Lightning Dock for the iPhone 5 comes in three versions: wood, anodized aluminum and black anodized aluminum, each more attractive than before. Its base is priced at $ 24.95(without cable) but also offer an alternative model with a Plexiglas backing for 29.95 if we trust to make the connector (on the other hand, pretty solid, all-metal ) support the weight of the phone by itself.

Instead iPhone5mod has attained the original authentication chips Apple and launched a very similar dock to which the company was far from the apple and a cable with Lightning and lights LED s that will delight lovers modding. We can buy them separately at a price of $ 19.90 each or together in a pack for $ 39.90.
The interesting thing is that although the guys iPhone5mod sure they use the original chip also reported that hackers have obtained chips that bypass the Apple authentication system so soon would not be surprising that a significant increase asistiƩsemos Lightning unauthorized accessories.



  1. Install cracked application without jailbreak :