Sunday, 14 October 2012

Boxes of Earpods, another example of the minute details of Apple

If you have an iPhone 5 or that you are of the Earpods you bought separately as they went on sale, there's one of those that goes unnoticed at first but as soon as you realize comprises almost obsessive attention to detail that have Cupertino. Gather the plastic box of Earpods and look at it from above. Do not you remember anything? Exactly the same shape as the icon of an application for iOS .
Could be a coincidence, but the truth is that there is not much doubt when you see the size of the box and the radius of rounded edges are exactly equivalent to the edges of the icons. Only need to watch this show for us to realize:

In addition to its form, the less there is another curious detail of the box present Earpods new iPod:degrade very easily with hot water . From Mashable have seen how an iPod box by adding hot water has dissolved into a pile of dough, "pulp" able to biodegrade much faster than normal plastic.
This only happens in the Earpods boxes that come with the iPod, not the iPhone 5 or version which is sold separately, but it is a sign that Apple still taking seriously the environmental impact of their products leave. From Applesfera, of course, we are not responsible for the consequences of converting part of the packaging of your iPod into a paste.


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